February Monthly Walk Kirkhill Forest 5/2/17. 11am

by DannyBoy 2012 @, Westhill, Aberdeen, Thursday, January 26, 2017, 06:29 (480 days ago)


We haven't been to Kirkhill Forest for a while , this walk has quite a steep incline to start but then flattens out to a nice forest walk with great views. Fingers crossed the weather stays good. There will be a long and short walk taking place on the day so we can cater for any hounds who can't go as fas as the younger hounds ;-)

Hopefully see lots of you hounds brining along your human slaves :-D
XSuzie & Jane

Directions for the walk

From Inverurie - after coming over the Tyrebagger Hill towards Aberdeen take the small road on the left signposted Kirkhill Forest. 

From Aberdeen: just before the road to the left to Tyrebagger Woods and Sculpture Walk turn right ( there is a space to cross the dual carriageway) into the road signposted Kirkhill Forest.

The car park is to the left. I would suggest driving right in as far as possible as the walks are from there. There is a machine charging £1.50 for two hours


Hound Hugs DannyBoy & Alfie-Elf xxxxxx

Never forgotten my big boy Patch xx missed so much xx

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