Routine vaccinations

by LeishaM, Wednesday, February 01, 2017, 20:33 (473 days ago)

Hi - just looking to get everyone's opinion on routine vaccinations for their greyshounds We have had our boy vaccinated to date, with a booster required soon. but the last injection he had at the vet was pretty traumatic so I am hesitant of a repeat of this.

I have heard some controversy as to whether these vaccinations really are essential, so just wondered if everyone else has their greys vaccinated regularly?


Routine vaccinations

by Pat, Thursday, February 02, 2017, 09:01 (472 days ago) @ LeishaM

What do you mean by traumatic? Did he have an adverse reaction, or does he not like the vet? I was told by my vet many years ago that the reason the north-east has such a low incidence of the diseases dogs are vaccinated against was because more that 80% of dogs in the area were vaccinated. If that figure dropped, then the diseases would become more prevalent. You could have blood titres done to check his immunity, probably more expensive than the booster though, and just as bad for him if he doesn't like the vet! If he's not vaccinated then of course there is a risk he could contract something, but probably less risk in the north-east than in other areas where uptake of vaccines is less.


Routine vaccinations

by Feughside Five, Thursday, February 02, 2017, 10:57 (472 days ago) @ Pat

2 points. If your boy isn't vaccinated, he won't be accepted at kennels, if you ever need to use them. If the trauma at the vet was greyhound amateur dramatics, we have 2 who indulge in this pass time. Ask your vet to use a little local anaesthetic spray. We did this when the girls were microchipped. Completely drama free when I expected hysterics. Plus, I agree wholeheartedly with Pat.

Routine vaccinations

by MacKenzie clan @, Westhill, Aberdeenshire, Saturday, February 04, 2017, 10:40 (470 days ago) @ Feughside Five

Our old hound Toby would scream and have a real carry on when he was vaccinated, but it lasted for a minute then with some chicken, it was forgotten really quick!
It's not nice for them, but neither is the horrible diseases they are at risk of catching.
Greyhounds can be affa dramatic but they are also very forgiving, judging by the hounds we have had who have been abused yet still loved people.
If your hound is holding a real carry on at the vet, the only thing I can suggest is to take tasty food with you and just try to remember that it's in the doggies best interest.

whatever you decide to do, you are doing it in the hounds best interest and that hound is very lucky indeed to have someone care so much for them.
Good luck!!

Harry now with uncle Toby and Harlem at Rainbow Bridge. Our boys all together again. Sleep well our big special boys. We miss you all every day. Xxx

Routine vaccinations

by Fizzy Lizzy, Sunday, February 05, 2017, 10:46 (469 days ago) @ MacKenzie clan

Firstly, I do agree that if your hound goes out anywhere at all, it is really advisable to have his vaccinations up to date. However, like you, I have too have read that they are over vaccinated and after all, we humans make do with a single Smallpox, TB, etc., vaccination once in a lifetime, so it can seem odd that our canine pals need so many. One can't help but think that perhaps it is too much. In spite of many times of asking, nobody has yet explained it to me satisfactorily. I can only say that once, many years ago, I had the titre checked of a Min Schnauzer and yes, she did need the parvo virus vaccination anyway.

However, whereas some vets insist on doing the "major" vaccination every single year, there are vets who do "major" alternated with "minor" (sorry, not sure of the individual diseases in each) and now, my vets seem to be doing "major", then two years of "minor" before doing the large one again. I am happy with this, although obviously, it does mean a trip to the vet each year and if your hound is over-reactive, it can be traumatic. I have also noted that there is not that much difference in price.........................

I am very lucky in that none of mine seem to worry too much, not even the two who have spent more than enough time at the vets with serious injuries. However, I'm sure a particularly favourite treat would soften the experience somewhat.

I wish you luck anyway.

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