With this newest FIFA Football 18

by jingliu015, Thursday, March 02, 2017, 07:08 (445 days ago)

With this newest FIFA Football 18, FIFA 18 Coins gamers will soon experience a major reinvention on the authenticity of players whether it is on and off the ball. It has a new feature called Personality+ that allows lucid differentiations of players and it also sees the characters individual abilities to make it look like their favorite player is really kicking and running on the football field. Another breakthrough of this game is that it has a very sophisticated database that can distinguish players from one another. Each player is programmed to have over 36 skill-set attributes and 57 traits and these can all be evaluated and scored by the database.

The FIFA 18 also introduces a cool feature that determines the pass accuracy through the gamers' controlling ability on the pad and the unique skills that the player has. This feature is called the Pro Pass. It also yields a very rewarding passing system. Moreover, the gamer can also play as Manager, Player or the newest addition is the Player Manager because the Manager mode which was a feature on some previous FIFA Football Series has been replaced with the Career Mode. https://www.fifa18coins.co.uk

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