Dog behaviourist

by Calo, Friday, June 16, 2017, 20:02 (338 days ago)

Hi. I'm asking in behalf of my brother who has a rescue staffie, who has suddenly started to have issue regarding their 6 month old baby now being mobile and on the floor. Does anyone have any recommendations for a dog behaviourist that they can see to help see if the situation can be resolved.

Dog behaviourist

by Kmortimer1982, Saturday, June 17, 2017, 06:52 (338 days ago) @ Calo


Sue from its a dogs life is who we use for the GAGAH hounds if needed.

She is fantastic.

Dog behaviourist

by Calo, Saturday, June 17, 2017, 09:36 (337 days ago) @ Kmortimer1982

Thank you ☺️

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