Pets at Home Inverurie THIS WEEKEND!

by Steph7, Friday, June 23, 2017, 14:50 (331 days ago)

Apologies for the very late notice, but I am looking for volunteers to help with the collection at Pets at Home in Inverurie this weekend.
Can you help?!
Please reply below with your availability, or contact Steph on 07941239909.

Thanks in advance

Steph x

Pets at Home Inverurie THIS WEEKEND!

by Steph7, Friday, June 23, 2017, 19:35 (331 days ago) @ Steph7

I am now just looking for help Saturday afternoon... Come on you lovely people! A couple of hours is all we need ????

Pets at Home Inverurie THIS WEEKEND!

by Fizzy Lizzy, Sunday, June 25, 2017, 11:02 (329 days ago) @ Steph7

So sorry to be late to this message Steph. I have been without a reliable phone service for almost a month now and the broadband has been non-existent most of the time. It has been very frustrating and although it does seem to be OK at the moment, I am not banking on it just yet!

As you know, helping at PAH is one of the few things I can usually help with, but obviously, not knowing about it, I couldn't volunteer. Hopefully next time everything will be working properly and I can keep up to date.

What's with a new website? I am still working on my old Forum entry on my favourites, although oddly, I did have to sign in this time. I seem to have missed out on all that info??

Do hope the Forum page remains as easy to use as it always has been.

Just to add to my woes, I had what apparently is similar to a mini-stroke, although I was unaware of it at the time and only found out at the Opticians that what I had experienced was an early warning of possibly serious problems. Bloody Hell, all that healthy eating and exercise and that happens................I was stopped from driving until four weeks had passed from the date of the incident and as I couldn't use my broadband at the time, things did rather get very difficult to cope with. I couldn't order food online and neither could I go out shopping.......thank heaven for a friend who helped out on two occasions. It was a bit stressful knowing that if I forgot something, I was going to have to do without it for another week!

Anyway, all back to normal now thankfully and the dogs are once again enjoying long walks at Delgaty Woods. Apparently, exercise is the best medicine according to the Consultant at ARI, so the perfect excuse to walk even further with them. They are not complaining, although Ziva, who doesn't even go off the lead, flaked out as if she were dead. My friend commented that she looked as if she was waiting for the cart.............

Pets at Home Inverurie THIS WEEKEND!

by Pat, Wednesday, June 28, 2017, 19:31 (326 days ago) @ Fizzy Lizzy

We're at Pets at Home, Inverurie again this weekend and the weekend after and probably the weekend after that, helping with their Support Adoption for Pets appeal. The more folk who come to help the better:-) Anyone who can spare a couple hours, let Steph know or post on here. It's good fun, and the hounds get lots of attention and it raises the profile of greyhounds :-)

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