by Feughside Five, Sunday, September 23, 2018, 10:12 (149 days ago)

We all know that our hounds were breed for hunting and we try our best to curb this interest wherever possible. But sometimes the hunt comes to them!!

We have hedgehogs in our yard and the adjacent lane and Myra likes to patrol the fence line for them. One night there was one in the yard but it simply curled up and hissed at her and her interest quickly faded.

Last night it was cold so I pulled the door to when the hounds went out for bedtime pees. Imagine my horror when I opened the door to find Myra standing there with a hedgehog in her mouth and a big grin on her face.

No hounds or hedgehogs were hurt in this incident but hopefully Myra has learned that hedgehogs have prickles. Toby did the same years ago and the hedgehog had to be rescued from his bed, again unharmed although Toby had blood dripping off his chin but he never brought in another one. Thankfully he is too old for that kind of nonsense nowadays but I wish he wasn’t. We nearly lost him two weeks ago when one of his front legs became swollen but it turned out to be cellulitis and antibiotics seem to have fixed the problem. So for the moment, he lives to fight another day.



by Pat, Sunday, September 23, 2018, 19:19 (149 days ago) @ Feughside Five

Kyle my old boy picked up a hedgie once, he was a smart boy, never did it again! Lucy, my first greyhound was very prey driven, she was always on the look out for them, she would not stop despite coming off second best on a couple of occasions. Thankfully none of the ones after her have been that bothered by them, they're more interested in nabbing a cat :-D



by Bess, Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 22:26 (146 days ago) @ Feughside Five


Our Bess brought in hedgehogs a couple of times. She dropped them unharmed at our feet and waited presumably for a treat in return for her "present". They just lay there, curled up.

Our reaction was to run round in circles trying to find something to wrap the hedgehog in and return it to the garden. Neither she nor the hedgehogs were harmed - and no fleas on Bess as we'd heard hedgehogs had aplenty.

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