by huuchuan1113, Thursday, October 25, 2018, 11:42 (117 days ago)

:-P Ma wiz jist reading a' the messages an she seen this aboot wee lurchers an a' thocht "Oh no! Ma, get that idea oot o yer heid,Cha cha's heid honcher here then am next in line, nay mair says I" Noo if Ma wiz a bit younger,she micht hae swithered bit she too auld noo.
well I've noticed ma's takin mair notice o' me the noo,I think she losin her marbles as she thinks she kens athing am thinking she thinks she's a mind reader;-) she thinks because a pit my big plates o' meat on her knee that am wintin oot (nae a'the time though)no! am wantin ma dinner,right noo.It's saiterday nicht an ma's been playin a the Swing music on Utube:-P n ma lugs are dirlin am needin tae sleep n cha cha's yoochin an yehaain tae his country music,:-( oh! fit a hard life I hae,am awa tae cover ma lugs an hae a nap byeeee x:-D

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